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Top 10 Logistics Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

As an integral part of value chains, both within and across international borders, logistics firms facilitate trade and commerce by enabling businesses to get their products to customers. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the first to be directly impacted was the logistics industry who are crucial in the movement, storage, and flow of goods. The unprecedented supply chain disruption caused by the ensuing lockdowns and the economic slump has affected the competitiveness, growth, and job creation of the logistics industry. In particular, Rail has been hit hard by lower overall demand for bulk commodities, while the trucking sector has experienced a more modest impact.

As countries begin to lift restrictions, reopen economies, and take their first steps toward recovery, the global logistics sector must adapt and evolve to deal with COVID-19’s lasting impact on consumers and supply chains alike. With the significant change in consumer's behaviour to shop online, their delivery expectations continue to rise. Supply chains are increasingly becoming supply networks as logistic firms seek solutions to not only ensure goods continue to flow despite COVID-19-related interruptions but to be more flexible, agile, and resilient to disruptions in the future. As each year brings advanced technologies to different industries and changing the way enterprises conduct business. While implementing logistic technology solutions, it is imperative for companies to thoroughly research and understand in-depth about the different products available in the market. We hope this edition of Logistics Transportation Review will help your company in making the right decision for your digital transformation strategies.

    Top Logistics Solution Companies in Europe

  • DeliveryMatch offers a transport management system that connects all sales channels with the logistic chain and extracts information from different platforms to provide reliable carrier and shipment delivery options. It calculates the shipping- and delivery options and costs of orders in real-time while the system is connected to the webshop front end and/or ERP and WMS systems. It executes the operational activities like booking the shipments with carriers, printing the shipping labels, retrieving the tracking information and sending a tracking e-mail and/or text message. It also supports Multichannel and Omnichannel operations while the system calculates which warehouses need to ship (parts of) the order and when. With this the offline stores of the retailer can also be used as warehouse and/or pick up point

  • InstaFreight is a leading LogTech company that revolutionizes how overland transports are done today. Born out of a desire to thrive in a complex logistics ecosystem and create world-class technology solutions that provide quick and profound results in an agile environment, InstaFreight’s two core services include Freight Forwarding and Transport Management. Moreover, InstaFreight’s self-developed platform enables shippers to save direct and indirect costs and gain visibility on operational, financial, and sustainability-related performance. Likewise, for carriers, the company offers suitable long-term business and spot loads to optimize fleet utilization while paying fast and reliably at attractive freight rates.

  • SeaFocus serves its clients as partners, creating a collaborative environment for excellence. The company helps different stakeholders in the supply chain sector—from raw material producers to the order-2-cash—connect and find new partners and customers, in turn enabling business growth and providing resilient supply chains.Through these consortiums, SeaFocus amalgamates the technical and operational aspects of supply chain with the commercial functions, thereby provisioning the supply chain as a strategic tool for efficient business operations

  • With their intelligent software, Smart Robotics develops flexible robot solutions for the automation of picking processes in various markets around the globe, including Food, FMCG, E-commerce, Retail, Fashion and many more. Smart Robotics was founded in 2015, aiming to develop smart, flexible, safe and user-friendly robot solutions. Through Smart Software, Advanced Motion Planning, 3D-vision feedback and with its user-friendly interface and its online service, Smart Robotics provide clients with the possibility to automate in a flexible, safe and innovative way. Smart Robotics’ solutions are Smart, Safe & Simple. Because of Smart Software, its robots can easily adjust themselves to a new task or changes in the environment or product range, needing only minimal instructions of an employee

  • Tradeline is a blockchain-based digital platform entirely focused on eliminating the need for reconciliation and redundant paper-based processes in the physical post-trade lifecycle. The platform creates a secure and reliable post-trade automation environment that enhances interoperability by seamlessly connecting all parties of trade, eliminating erroneous human intervention. Tradeline leverages the IBM blockchain network—the hyper ledger—but the company has engineered it in depth over the years, so much so that it is the only GDPR compliant network in the world. With Tradeline, counter parties can store and share trade-related data and digital documents



    To find the perfect IT-solutions in the transport and logistics industry is far from a trivial task. Freight forwarders and other in the industry, need to procure and develop solutions that fit the needs and expectations from its own organization and its customers - both in relation to features and costs. CON-LINQ's goal is to help transport and logistics companies to succeed in this process. With analysis of the needs of the company and its organization, CON-LINQ documents, develops and implements a solution which can support and improve the business strategy. Its own cloud solution fLex has a range of modules that efficiently can streamline the processes of procuring rates, quoting customers and collecting bookings. CON-LINQ, founded in 2006, provides software solutions to businesses – enabling organizations to streamline processes, improve efficiency, increase productivity and address specific business challenges

  • Forto


    Forto was founded in Berlin in 2016 under the name FreightHub by Ferry Heilemann (CEO), Erik Muttersbach (CTO), Michael Wax (CCO) and Dr. Fabian Heilemann (Chairman of the Advisory Board). Forto stands for groundbreaking, scalable, digital logistics technology and services that go beyond transportation from point A to point B. Our easy to use and intuitive platform allows our customers to optimize and, therefore, own their entire global supply chain processes. With over 2,500 customers and 10 global offices, Forto currently employs more than 400 people. We are passionate about global trade, and aim to increase global prosperity while driving sustainability

  • Instabox


    Instabox is a delivery service exclusively available to selected online partners. Instabox handles logistics for e-commerce retailers, offering same-day delivery through its network of last-mile smart delivery lockers. The service reaches about six million Swedes, delivering from the likes of H&M, Ikea, and Lloyds. In a press release, the company claims its growth has more than tripled each year over the last few years. The Stockholm-based startup (founded in 2015) strengthened its offering with new customers in important segments such as fashion and home electronics. Today, Instabox’s last-mile smart delivery lockers reach 6 million Swedes shopping from some of the biggest e-commerce businesses in Sweden such as H&M, IKEA, Lloyds, and UPS

  • Postis


    Postis is the first Romanian company to build a solution that manages the complex delivery operations every retail player faces. The company's real-time digital platform links its customers’ systems across the logistic chain so that they save both time and money. Founded in 2016 by a group of experienced professionals who knew how difficult it is to handle the entire delivery journey, Postis is now dedicated to being the engine that powers the growth of the entire retail market. Postis is at the heart of an open digital ecosystem where logistics experts, transportation heroes, online developers, tech innovators, and fast-growing retailers meet in order to build Delivery Operations Excellency that enables Unmatchable Customer Experience. Postis believes in the power of the many and its aim is to support the entire industry thrive

  • TransCTRL


    The strategic goal of TransCTRL is to develop solutions and services based on the logistics knowledge and experience gained by its colleagues, with which they can significantly improve the competitiveness of domestic and international players in the logistics sector. The company develops technological solutions that make the services of state-of-the-art systems available not only to large companies, but also to small and medium-sized enterprises. TransCTRL strives to develop solutions that are able to support cooperation between the corporate and SME segments in a transparent and real-time manner. Based on the above approach, the main product of its company is the TransCTRL system, which enables logistics companies to quickly issue tasks to the driver, record task performance, track task status in real time, and generate forecasts and alerts